Image Hunters is a film production committed to the enhancement of young talents and the creation of visual content for advertising, broadcast and web.

what we do

Script editing, location scouting, casting, financial plan

Budget, troupe, set management

Video editing, motion graphics, color grading, sound design, sound mix, original music.


Development and production

Starting from the story, the production supports the author to arrive at the final draft of the script. Once the basics have been defined, the team sets the funding machine in motion and takes care of the organizational side to bring the author's vision to the screen. Our goal is to enhance the artistic side while maintaining a pragmatic and attentive approach to the needs of the public. We want to tell stories with themes and languages ​​capable of crossing national borders.Vogliamo raccontare storie con tematiche e linguaggi capaci di valicare i confini nazionali.

Filming in Italy

We facilitate and assist foreign productions in the management of the set during filming in Italy. In particular, we take care of the processing plan, location scouting, budget management, documentation relating to tax credit, finding the crew and post processing.

commercial e adv

Image Hunters works to design and develop high profile promotional products for companies and businesses

Image Hunters collaborates with numerous communication agencies taking care of the creation of commercials, TV and web spots, fashion movies, viral videos. Our team has successfully established itself for its versatility in approaching each type of particular customer need, identifying the video format and the most suitable visual communication strategy for each job. The company has all the internal resources to tackle every phase of the realization from writing to post-production. We take care of the relationship with the customer, we develop the creative part from the copy to the storyboard as a team. We take care of each shooting with attention, accompanying the work up to the finalization: video editing, original soundtrack, sound design, motion graphics, color grading. La società ha tutte le risorse interne per affrontare ogni fase della realizzazione dalla scrittura alla post-produzione. Curiamo il rapporto con il cliente, sviluppiamo in team la parte creativa dal copy allo storyboard. Curiamo ogni shooting con attenzione, accompagnando il lavoro fino alla finalizzazione: video editing, original soundtrack, sound design, motion graphics, color grading.