who we are

The film activity of Image Hunters revolves around the concept of the 'Factory,' guiding the journey of young talents through the production of debut and second works

Image Hunters was founded in 2016 by Brando Bartoleschi, Lorenzo Di Nola, Raffaele Inno, and Riccardo Rabacchi. The team has focused its lens on producing over 22 short films, which have garnered awards and screenings at major festivals worldwide. From recent works like "La prima volta" by Lorenzo Trane and "Rutunn'" by Fabio Patrassi, awarded at CortoLovere and the Social World Film Festival, to "Ratzinger vuole tornare" by Valerio Vestoso, recognized in over 40 festivals and nominated for the Nastri D'argento, "How to Save your Darling" by Leopoldo Caggiano and "Piove" by Ciro D’Emilio. In June 2023, the short film "Mignolo" by Gianluca Granocchia, starring Francesco Gheghi, was presented for the first time.

Starting in 2017, Image Hunters ventured into the production of visually impactful documentaries like "Hunting Pollution" and "Sioux" by Riccardo Rabacchi, a biopic on the European champion boxer Emanuele Blandamura. The documentary received the "Best Leading Role" award at the 42nd edition of the Paladino d'Oro Sport Film Festival. In 2023, the short documentary "Dream of Glass" by Andrea Bancone was presented, winning at the Portland Eco Film Festival. In 2024, the feature-length documentary "Finis Terrae" by Marzia Rumi will be presented, offering a unique narrative of the island of Alicudi and its inhabitants. Image Hunters is currently developing the documentary "Fabbriche di Memoria" by Simone Vacca and Maurizio Cossu.

Over the years, Image Hunters has strengthened its collaboration with various emerging authors and directors. Since 2019, the company has been dedicated to the development of debut and sophomore feature films, aiming to give voice to unique and original stories. It operates as a small "factory," guiding young talents throughout the entire film production process.

Roma Creative Contest e talent scouting

A privileged showcase in the panorama of emerging talents in cinema.

Since 2011, Image Hunters has been organizing the Roma Creative Contest, an International Short Film Festival with the honorary presidency of Giuseppe Tornatore. The event takes place annually, allowing for continuous scouting among young Italian and international filmmakers. By closely collaborating with film schools and universities, the festival supports the most promising talents, providing training programs and mentoring, as well as incentives for the production of new works. Prestigious partners, some of the most significant players in the audiovisual industry, support the projects. These include Rai Cinema, Leone Film, and Groenlandia